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Wicked Wednesday: Meet Randy & Shannon!

It's Wicked Wednesday! And today, we're mixing it up...

You're used to meeting our fabulous clients and model reps, but this Wicked Wednesday we're featuring our first couple!

We're happy to introduce you to Randy & Shannon!

"[A boudoir shoot] was something we've always talked about doing. It was on our marital bucket list, so to speak!"

Shannon and Randy are busy parents of three wonderful children, and still enjoy checking off things from their "marital bucket list!" (We love this!) Though they sometimes enjoy their individual hobbies, Randy plays men's softball and Shannon enjoys being with friends or in the pool, they both love spending time outdoors, traveling adventures, and sports. Randy is the extrovert of the two, and can easily make friends wherever he goes, while Shannon is the exact opposite and is completely comfortable in her introverted ways.

They are most inspired by their children, and both say they are so blessed with their blended family. Shannon and Randy describe their children as kind-hearted, talented, loving, respectful young people whom they love very much.

​"The entire shoot from start to finish was a great experience for my husband and I."

While Shannon had some previous boudoir experience, she had worked on projects with Melissa before, the two were still slightly nervous but overall felt good before arriving to the studio. Both Shannon and Randy found Melissa and Veronica exceeded their expectations, and surpassed their ideals for their shoot.

After their amazing shoot, Randy says he felt, "adventurous, sexy, and confident," while Shannon says she felt all those things and also, closer to her husband. We at Wicked Haute absolutely love that we could be a part of this couple's story and wish them many more adventures both together and with their family!

"These pictures will last a lifetime and you'll be able to look back and say,

'That's me, and I'm beautiful!'"

See you next Wednesday! XO

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