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Wicked Wednesday: Meet Sarah!

It's Wicked Wednesday! Hope you brought a friend. Don't want to keep this Wicked Wednesday excitement to yourself do you?!

These last few weeks we've introduced you to some of our stunning model reps and have shown you how fun a Boudoir Studio Party can be! (Don't forget, anytime you book a shoot with your squad you each save $100 on your session fee!)

Today we are taking you behind-the-scenes of one of our beautiful clients' shoots.

Say hello to...Sarah!

"I love my job &

love taking care of people."

Sarah is a woman to admire! She's a married mom of two kids; ages 5 and 8. She's also a labor and delivery nurse who works nights. Although, she loves her job...she says she's constantly a zombie and can sleep anytime, anywhere. She and her family love traveling, camping, and going to the beach as a family.

Sarah says her husband is always supportive and encouraging in everything she does. Her choice to book a boudoir shoot was inspired by her upcoming 10 year anniversary, AND she said it just looked like fun :) ​

​"I wanted to be super fit before I took the photos, but life happens so that didn't happen..."

Before her shoot, Sarah says she was nervous. These nerves were not only because of her shoot, but also because she'd never taken "sexy photos" before and that she would be in front of a stranger in lingerie (We can understand that could be intimidating!).

But, once she got into her shoot, Sarah instead found Melissa to be amazing! With Melissa's guidance, Sarah felt comfortable and able to be herself; even in the awkward poses.

After her lovely shoot experience, she almost couldn't wait to show her husband! She recommends a boudoir shoot to other women saying, "Just do it!"

"You will love the pictures and she will hide your flaws and accentuate your assets!"

See you next Wednesday! XO

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