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Wicked Wednesday: Meet our Model Rep Michelle!

It's Wicked Wednesday! Hope all you babes are having a fabulous week!

This month we've featured some of the model reps who enjoyed partying all together during their shoots. Today we are featuring another one of the fabulous model reps who was also a part of this Boudoir Studio Party!!

Please welcome our amazing model rep, Michelle​!

"I really like to connect people together.

I like to build relationships."

"Melissa & Veronica are so good at highlighting all your best features; you won't see any flaws!" While we're so ecstatic that Michelle felt stunning, we also see her natural beauty in this non-retouched photo!

With Michelle's positive and friendly personality, we can definitely see her love of building relationships is a perfect fit for her. Moreover, she and her family are involved in so many activities she must be building new relationships all the time!

In her spare time from working as a sales representative (the first female to take on this position at this local business) and being a mother to two sons, Michelle does yoga, trail running, step-aerobics, beach volleyball, cycling, zumba, and runs marathons. And this is only her active hobbies! She also loves going to classic car shows with her family, baking, and creates Origami Owl jewelry.

While she is surrounded by all-male family members, Michelle says she's always been very girly deep down but has developed a dirty sense of humor ;) Most of all, she loves sharing all her fun ventures with others to empower women. She says she gets much too excited to keep anything just for herself, even though many of her activities have helped her learn more about herself.

"I completely enjoyed doing a studio party photo shoot with my friends... We each have our own great features and it was nice to be able to celebrate that."

Before her shoot, Michelle was afraid she didn't have any outfits that would work! But ultimately, she brought a variety of items including some fun throwback pieces. (We think her choices looked amazing!) She loved her Boudoir Studio Party experience, and said all the girls so naturally gave out compliments. She called it a "Girl's Day Out!" When she left, Michelle felt more beautiful and confident and said it was a learning experience for herself.

We love how our model reps encourage each other in this way. This is what we aim for at Wicked Haute; to inspire confidence and empower each other. When asked who she's most inspired by, Michelle says it has to be her sister, as she has always protected, encouraged, and defended her. We think you're both incredible, strong women, Michelle!

"It's more difficult for women to be positive and give ourselves compliments. We are

used to criticism and judgment...

Let yourself be beautiful!"

See you next Wednesday! XO

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