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Wicked Wednesday: Meet our Model Rep Erin!

It's not just hump day's Wicked Wednesday!

This month we've introduced you to many of our fabulous model reps. Last week we got to meet one of them; the captivating, Ashley! This week we're keeping the trend going...

Please welcome our empowering

model rep, Erin​!

"I am a strong woman who is recently sporting some battle wounds."

Erin is looking simply stunning in this non-retouched before & after. Makeup & Hair Stylist, Veronica is so talented and always wows us!

Erin is a yogi and a busy working mom of two girls. She says balancing a lifestyle between working out and raising two active girls is challenging! Her sense of humor is one of her favorite traits, and says it's essential in this crazy world. She also loves her sarcasm, but says that sometimes gets her in trouble!

On top of her daily balancing act, Erin recently underwent surgery in which severe complications arose. But with this unexpected event, she found strength and wants to show others that we shouldn't be ashamed of our scars (Wow!). We absolutely agree and are empowered by you, Erin!

"I'm not afraid to show [others] that you don't need to be thin to model."

Erin was a part of our Model Rep Boudoir Studio Party this month, and found the experience to be loads of fun.

Amazingly, this was Erin's THIRD shoot with Wicked Haute! But, she said this experience was particularly special because she got to share the experience with two friends & fellow model reps. Erin loved spending the day with them as they encouraged and played off of each other during their shoots.

In the end, she couldn't wait to see her shots! Most of all, Erin wants to encourage other women to not hold back in booking a boudoir shoot. She said it's an amazing feeling to be so empowered by learning to love your body. We are feeling empowered, and are so grateful to have Erin as one of our Model Reps!

"I believe that it's important for women to feel comfortable in their skin & shouldn't be ashamed of their scars. They tell a story and show our strength."

See you next Wednesday! XO

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